The Norman’s Dairy journey...

After taking over the business in 2012, the new Norman’s Dairy team sought to capture the rich texture and magnificent taste that exceeded the standard in the marketplace.

Norman’s made headlines with the first cholov yisroel Greek yogurt, developed at their very own state-of-the-art plant in Rutherford, NJ. In recognition of this achievement as well as arguably the best-tasting kosher yogurt, Norman’s received Kosherfest’s ‘Best New Dairy Product Award’ in 2013 for their classic Greek nonfat yogurt. What followed was a Cholov Yisroel yogurt revolution with the quick introduction of Greek Light, Creamy Blends, Kids, Stackers, and Pro+, not to mention regular yogurt as well, all thanks to Norman’s creative research and development team.


Determined to swim against the tide and maintain their leadership position in the cholov yisroel market, Norman’s is committed to innovation and advancement. This dedication to excellence is reflected in Norman’s every move from the continual introduction of new products to the ‘no artificial flavor and color’ concept, the use of high-quality ingredients, the idea of yogurt toppings, user-friendly packaging, and vigilant quality control.


Norman’s is proud of its leadership role and is committed to providing the best quality yogurt for your family! That’s why our slogan rightfully reads: Really Good Yogurt! Enjoy!